Renault Arkana concept

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This “concept’ is pretty much the production model that will go on sale in Europe next year.
With maybe smaller wheels and larger mirrors…
It looks both OK and weird to me. 
The “fake coupe” shape is fine, but the car just sits way too high. It almost looks ridiculous. 
I guess this is the first of many. So far, it seems that only BMW and Mercedes have offered that “SUV Coupe” design.
Now that affordable brands are jumping on the idea, these things will be everywhere…
I wonder who will be the first affordable brand in the US to offer one…
Let’s not forget the real ancestor to all these raised up AWD cars: The AMC Eagle.
AMC started fitting all their “compact” models, sedans wagons and coupes, with an AWD system in the late 70’s.
Almost 40 years later, they still looks great today.
And, it IS a real coupe. 

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  1. this horrible thing thats coming to brazil in 2 years uses Dacia Duster mkII interior and platform. So sad…

  2. How to design the "Sedan" of the future while catering to the ingress-egress of CUVs/SUVs. This looks like the Crosstour, 3GT, 4GC, and X6 melded together.

    Would be nice to have some actual cargo room though.

    Vince, since coupe's no longer sell like they used to, I think I've finally accepted the fact of the new definition: 4 door fastback that may or may not be raised.

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