2019 Audi E-Tron

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Not sure yet if this is the real thing, but it does look a lot like the prototypes Audi has been showing around lately..
Range is rumored to be between 250 and over 300 miles. 
The official launch has been pushed back from August to September 17 (Since their boss is in prison…)
This looks OK. Nothing amazing or original at all.
I guess this will be the EV for those who want an invisible car…
(Thanks to a reader for these pix)

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  1. Curious, which you would prefer… an invisible Audi or a Lexus UX that stands out for the wrong reasons?

  2. I don't get it, this looks like every other Audi CUV – why bother with an extra model that is an EV only? If they just dropped an electric motor in the Q5, it would be the same….

  3. Terrible front end. Maybe the worst Audi grille yet. It's like 5 people designed it and each had to have their own element. Disposable-razor blade slats + random vertical slats(?) + garish chrome. The headlights are fa and fussy.

    The tail is fine, but the light bar looks like an afterthought (an error many many cars are making today. Couldn't keep the top continuous without those bumps?

  4. I think there is merit in having an EV that looks like a conventional car. A lot of people don't want a car that stands out or or looks different. When you're trying to get people to adopt electric cars you need to appeal to the masses.

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