2019 Honda Civic

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Since the current Civic is so popular, Honda has decided on very few changes for its mid-cycle refresh.
There is now less chrome on the grille. 
And they didn’t add weird spoilers or side skirts.
Inside, it is still the same great interior. Now with a new screen with buttons and volume knob. 
And a new, nicer trim on the dash.
Everything else is still so much better than most of its competition. (That’s what a good design gets you in the first place.)
Otherwise, a new Sport version is available. Right under the EX model. 
It matches the 2.0 Liter engine to a 6 speed manual or a CVT. It gets a larger screen than the base model, Apple car play, 18 inch wheels and an 8 speaker audio. All for $22 045 for the manual. 
Which sounds like a really good price…

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  1. The base LX model of this current generation always came with the 2.0 Liter.
    The new Sport version is a slight upgrade of the LX. The 1.5 Liter turbo comes with all the other versions.

  2. AND still no blind spot monitoring!
    So much about safety, Honda doesn't even offers it on their top of the line model.

  3. I wonder if it's so good, there will be a second refresh in a couple years? I mean, they obviously went for it on the old Civic based ILX.

  4. I wish they had done more decluttering, particularly the lower rear bumper.. hopefully the MMC of the hatchback will simplify or delete the giant black fake vents in the rear bumper, which has been an absolute deal-breaker in even considering what could have been the perfect car for me.

  5. I think the fake vents were an afterthought. They worked from front to back and said "How do we finish this thing, because we aren't changing everyting else?" Because to my eye, everything else looks fine.

    I mess around with oil painting. I'm not real good at it. Sometimes you paint and paint and paint and you get to a spot where you can't fix it because it would mean changing the parts that you are happy with to keep everything balanced, with no guarantee that doing that will make the things you are happy with better. So you say, "Meh, I'm done. Time for the next one."

    The back end is almost like a face lift. You stretch the skin tight and move the scars into the hair line. The back bumper is the hair line.

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