2019 Kia Telluride SUV

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 Forget the “Palisade” name on these pictures. This is the Kia version, called the Telluride, NOT the Hyundai Palisade.

I guess Kia needs another SUV on top of the Sorento. As the Telluride is scheduled to be available with 8 seats.
Not sure why Kia is still obsessed with moving into luxury car territory when Hyundai just launched the Genesis brand.
And Genesis does need an SUV pronto. Much more than Kia.

The Telluride will probably use the Hyundai/Kia 3.3 Liter V6. Maybe a hybrid version later, who knows.
Of course, a Hyundai version will come soon as well. As mentioned above, called the Palisade.

Here is the concept from a couple of yeas ago. Looking very similar, yet much more truck-like.
The production version seems much softer and car like. 
That rather blunt (but also more original) concept front end is gone.
And the cool suicide doors are also gone…

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  1. I would expect GM being rather disturbed at these images. The final product looks like a shorter Suburban/Escalade. Both brands don't need anything larger than what they have. Think VW.

    Genesis could use an SUV but it needs to be original!!!

  2. Poor thing! Looks extremely pathetic. I am sure the original designers are frustrated and disgusted, and the usually talented designers for the production design look like they threw their hands up, giving up any attempt to make this look good, now slumped with their heads in their hands…. I am imagining some cacophony ridden marketing meeting filled with contradictory directions from bickering executives and poorly interpreted focus group results….

  3. Why should the design of the Kia Telluride bother GM? After all, the new Chevy Blazer looks like a Lexus. Hell, most of these vehicles all look the same.

  4. Holy Ford Expedition front end Batman!!!

    I don't understand what's keeping them from creating a larger vehicle inspired from the SOUL design. The rear of of this just looks like a Chinese copy of the XC90. Side profile is…."alright"

  5. The Genesis models are not being sold in the U.S. going forward due to the Genesis brand's building a new separate dealerships network in the U.S. marketplace. All new model Genesis will be on hold until the dealership structure is finish. Look for a 3-5 year hold on the Genesis sales.

    The two Hyundai full size crossovers – Palisade and Telluride do look attractive. It will complete well with the Chevrolet Traverse. Not sure about the Ford Explorer since it still in camouflage covering for now.

  6. "The Genesis models are not being sold in the U.S. going forward ".

    I will file this in my BS folder….

  7. Vince Burlapp said…
    "The Genesis models are not being sold in the U.S. going forward ".

    I will file this in my BS folder"..

    I laughed way too hard on that comment…

  8. Kia is capable of so much more than this hideous monstrosity. I can’t believe that Kia took an unsightly concept and made it even uglier. Totally disappointing!

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