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Here are a few new pictures of the all new Toyota Supra. of course, this is still a prototype with some camouflage on it. But it’s all there.
And… It still looks very close the FT-1 concept. The one from 2014 (!)
So this will be a 5 year old design by the time it goes on sale.
A 5 year old design we have seen many, many times.
While I applaud the return of a cool car like the Supra, I am not sure that many people care.
I mean people who actually buy cars. I am afraid the press will be all over this car when it comes out (After waiting for it for 5 years), but not many people will actually get one.
Since it will also be expensive…
I know the Acura NSX is priced so “no one actually buys one”, but they sold less than 600 of them last year. (Mercedes sold over 1600 units of the AMC GT that year)
I think Toyota will have a hard time moving an expensive, BMW based Supra…

Just as a reminder, here is the original 2014 Concept.

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  1. The Supra marketing team continues on with the camouflage of the Supra like it was a pro type concept. In reality it of no interest to the general public because it is very low to the ground and cramped inside. It is a very small subcompact coupe. You have to be a jockey size individual to feel comfortable inside it!

  2. I'm still shocked that Toyota hasn't released a 5 seat suv to slot between the RAV4 and Highlander. Soon they'll be the only company without one. And I'm just as shocked they never released a V6 version of the Tundra. For a smart company they sure do make some dumb decisions.

  3. I think the style is boring and old (five years and the making). The front reminds me of a mix between the 1982, Ferrari MONDIAL QUATTROVALVOLE and the 1980's Mazda RX7. Okay looks but old style for today's standards.
    The worse part is that it doesn't look nothing like the concept model. I guess will have to wait and see.
    Is it gonna be built in a new chassis design or is it gonna be the same as one of their current Lexus models?

    As far as the Acura NSX, I think is a really a good looking model, I drove one and it is fantastic but, for that price range you can get something so much better.

    I agree with you, I believe that this model will be overprice and it'll be just another Acura NSX model. Past average Supra owners were able to afford one, but I'm afraid that won't be the case in the future for this model.

  4. Carmakers use these cars as a showcase of what they can do. However, upgraded designs and driving dynamics make more and cars and SUVs attractive and practical as well. The latest genius move is to create sportbacks. Audi, BMW, and Buick have gone in that direction. The Accord should be next.

  5. Deep inside Toyota product planning:
    Let’s see, last month we sold 42K Rav-4’s, 30K Camry’s, and 23K each of Corolla’s and Highlanders, where do you think that suggests we should invest our development money? How about a mid market sports car between the 86 and the Lexus LC? After all, in August we moved 310 86’s and 210 LC’s! Brilliant, let’s do it! And if all goes to plan, hopefully we can bring it out at least 5 years after we unveiled our concept!

  6. It's coming MY 2021, in 1.5 years. Venza replacement somewhat. Will be on midsize TNGA-K architecture.

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