2019/20 Kia Proceed

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 Kia has released a teaser for its upcoming Proceed hatchback.
Which looks pretty nice. But it’s hard to tell anything from that angle, except that it is indeed a hatchback…

 These prototypes show a very nice shape. A very slick hatchback.
Not as fantastic as the “RWD looking” concept from last year, but still.
This will probably end up being quite attractive.

The “Proceed” name was used before in Europe for the sporty 3 door version of the Need hatchback.

Our new Forte is pretty much the same car as the new European Forte model. (Although interiors are still a bit different )

Let’s hope they replace the current Forte Hatchback with this in the US.

As you can see, no matter how good the production car will look, it will still pale in comparison to the pretty stunning concept from last year…

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  1. From the photos, it appears to have a lot of blind spots. The same is true when I sat in the cool looking Stinger. Kia seriously needs to use the mirror camera as seen in new Cadillacs and Nissan Armada.

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