2020 Mercedes A-Class sedan (USA)

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This is the US version of the all-new A-class sedan.
And, of course, it does look the same as the European version…
It is 179 inches long. Which is shorter (by about 3 inches) than the CLA.
In the US, power will come from a 2.0 Liter with 188HP. Which is not that much for such an upscale brand…
A 7-speed auto is standard in the A220 and A220 4Matic.
You can get up to 19-inch wheels on the new A-Class. (The 19-inch wheels on the pictures above just look  too big for that small car IMO)
Production will start in 2018 and a new plant in Mexico. (Own by Daimler and Nissan)
And in Germany in 2019.
I am just not sure why this would be more popular than the current CLA in the US.
It doesn’t look like there is that much more rear legroom in the back (Maybe a bit more headroom)
The current CLA starts at around $33 000 these days. So this could be the “new and improved $30 000 Mercedes”.
(Which the CLA was back in 2013)
It hasn’t set sales on fire before (The sold only 20 669 of them last year)),  I am not sure this very similar model will this time around…

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  1. It a subcompact size vehicle with a Mercedes badges but not a real tue quality Mercedes. Made cheaply, price cheaply for people who seek status and cannot afford a regular Mercedes like a E Class.

  2. Mexican made Mercedes won't do it for me, either will it's useless rear seats. I rather have a Mazda 6.

  3. I thought the "HellaFlush" fad was passe?

    That thing looks if I put people in back seat the weight would drop that car and the wheel well would rip up the tires.

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