2020 Mercedes EQC. Official pix

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This still mostly looks like a GLC with EV looking bits to me.
Or a refresh of a 10 year old design.
Nothing stands out at all. Nothing truly modern.
And I really do not understand why Mercedes insists on showing their interiors with the super cheesy and vulgar looking ambient lights on. (red and blue in these pictures)
(This just gives you the impression of a company run by old guys desperately trying to look youthful.)
I also can’t stop seeing another car in these rear side windows. But can’t remember which one….
And that tiny sunroof screams “old” to me….
Otherwise, the range is now claimed at around 280 miles in the European cycle.
And charge time can be as fast as 40 minutes, if you have the right charger…
I really don’t think this is a “Tesla killer”. As Tesla customers want something different and super modern.
This is more for the usual, older Mercedes customer who wants to quietly venture into the new world of electric cars.

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  1. After sitting on a Tesla X, the lack of care for the assembly is enough to many to looks elsewhere if other options are present.

    The look of this Mercedes is a bit odd but I like the novelty.

  2. The front and side project that Mercedes and Honda had a baby, but then you get to the back and……wait, was the postman a Porsche? Hmmm….

  3. Why can't they put the digital instrument cluster into a recessed area in the dash to shield it from glare? Why do they put it there like a stuck-on aftermarket device? It's not like you can remove it and take it with you when you get out of the car.

  4. Looks just like a Chinese knock off model – one that steals design cues from every other brand. Only thing different is grafting on the Merc logo. I think it’s ghastly. Compare this to the new iPace from Jag and some other novel e-options and it pales in comparison.

  5. That rear window shape reminds me of a 5-series GT but with the tailights of a Lincoln MKC or Kia Sorento. Yikes. Vince is right though, this will sell to MB faithful but not Teslarati.

  6. This is so traditional and weird. Why put the charging port where a fuel filler door normally goes? Why have a fake grille in the front? It's like Mercedes is a generation behind Tesla, which is about to come out with a new design of the Model S (maybe). Tesla may have trouble actually building cars but at least they know how to design them.

  7. The EV luxury segment is coming into it own. With not only Mercedes but Jaguar, BMW, Range Rover and others like Volvo coming in to this segment; EV buyers will have greater choices. It no longer the Chevrolet Bolt only. Tesla cannot be touch because most EV owners and potential buyers think Tesla is "the brand" in EVs.

  8. Different, but still an MB. i really like it. It should sell well to the conservative crowd who is looking for something dignified and not electro flashy.

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