2020/21 Cadillac Escalade

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An all new Escalade is due sometime next year. Or maybe early 2020.
While this isn’t the real thing, it gives us an idea of what the giant SUV might become.

The new Tahoe and Yukon will come first, the new Escalade won’t be far behind.
These 3 are cash cows for GM. Which means, no giant changes. They will retain that same blocky and huge look.
The Cadillac might finally get an independent rear suspension, but I wouldn’t count on it.
There are rumors of a rotary transmission switch (Finally getting rid of the old column shifter in a $100 000 truck)
And maybe a plug-in hybrid version a year after launch.

I personally think GM will spend as little money as they can on this. Since people buy them no matter what.

We’ll see…

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  1. . . . rumors of a rotary transmission switch – finally getting rid of the old column shifter

    Vince, we are talking GM here. It is highly likely they will locate the rotary transmission switch on the steering column somewhere.

  2. I prefer column shift to console. It's less in the way, your hand stays near the wheel, and you don't have to look down. They can make the console narrower and the seats wider. So what if it doesn't look as sporty.

    When it was introduced in the 30's–before automatics and power steering–it was considered a great advantage.

  3. The new Escalade looks shorter height wise and not as masculine as the current model. More like a minivan type of look!

  4. I don't get your hate towards the column shifter in the GM SUVs. You suggest a column shifter doesn't belong on a $100k truck yet Mercedes and BMW both did column (albeit dumb electronic stalks). Interior designers bitch about how console shifters take up too much space (hence the unintuitive toggle selectors showing up) or push buttons or dials. The old school column shifter is the most appropriate in a truck even if it has a centre console. Glad GM is sticking with it.

  5. Vehicles that still use mechanical column shifters (if there are any) would need to be re-engineered to move the shifter. If selecting transmission gears is done electronically (as it would seem these days), then the location of the "shifter" (or dial or buttons or whatever) would be irrelevant.

    It seems if they really wanted to shake things up, they could let the car be configured with whatever (electronic) shifter location the customer prefers and have the locations be different options.

  6. You can see on the new spy photos that it does have IRS. I think it also has adjustable-height suspension because the test cars are riding unusually high and show a yuge amount of inner fender.

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