A few more pictures of the 2019 BMW Z4

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Here are a few pictures of the model people will actually be getting. Not that fancy colored one we saw earlier, which was some limited “launch” edition.
This is still not the base 2.0 Liter model. But the M40i with a 6 cylinder.
(I guess pictures of the less expensive version are still not available…)
It does look nice. Although still not as “really nice” as the “concept’ they had shown.
The interior is also fine. The center part of the dash looks a lot like the spy shots of the next 3 series we have seen for a while.
(I wonder if both cars actually share the dashboard…)
Otherwise, I am not sure this will pick up that many new buyers. Since the current model still looks almost as good.

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  1. Looks sharp for a Miata competitor but at double the price! Yes, it a BMW: that explains the price.

  2. Very nice. Unfortunately, older folks who have a hard time getting out of the car are the ones who can afford it and need it.

  3. That is the most unattractive viewing angle for that dashboard, particularly the right side. It looks unintentionally warped. I looked at other views from different photo sets, and it is not that bad. My sense though, is that the view from the passenger side will always look ungainly. I read somewhere that the new Toyota Supra is sharing a lot of dash components. My opinion so far, is that the BMW looks better outside and the Toyota looks better inside.

  4. I’m curious about BMW’s thinking in bringing out another roadster. None of these cars sell in numbers that justify their existence, the Miata included. And no one cares about roadsters except geezers. Like the ones running BMW. Ahhhhhh…..

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