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Quite a fancy name for a “Corolla Wagon”.
The Corolla’s European cousin, the Auris, was always offered as a wagon. (They all looked really good too)
Now the Auris is renamed “Corolla” for the European market. Se we have, again, a Corolla wagon.
I wish this could come over here.
Even if it means they have to raise it up a bit and  pass it up as an SUV for people who just can’t see themselves driving something that isn’t jacked up anymore. 
Like VW does with the Wanagon. Or the Subaru Outback.
It already looks really good. Has a super cool glass roof and a nice, modern interior.
(Every time I see one of these new Corolla hatchback, I am reminded of how good it looks in person)
And they even have a Hybrid version ready. 
So really, why not???
Well… The “why not ” is mostly because of the super popular RAV-4 in the US. Qualified as a “truck”, it is a higher profit item than a “car” like the Corolla Wagon.
They want people to get into a Rav-4, not a Corolla wagon.
Still, not everyone wants an SUV looking box. Subaru is doing quite well with raised wagons and hatchbacks…

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  1. I do not like wagons, but I love the design of this one. May be it is the angle. This could be a winner.

  2. To bad Toyota USA does not bring this new Corolla Touring Sports wagon to the U.S. marketplace. I think it would do well in sales. I like the sideview, wheels and I could get use to the front end.

  3. It’s actually a pleasant looking design. I say add optional AWD and slip it into Toyota’s US lineup. I would definitely consider it.

  4. Surprisingly clean and tasteful from Toyota, who usually do the most hideous and cheap looking designs of the Japanese brands.

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