BMW iNext Concept

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This is the Concept version of the upcoming iNext EV SUV. Coming out n a couple of years.
While I do like the profile, since it reminds me of the i3. That huge fake grille is something else.
And is basically has no place in a car design. It created one of the ugliest front end in the history of car design. 
Same with the fake “exhaust areas” in the back. Why???
Otherwise, the general design will be toned down in the production version and will probably look fine by the time it comes out.
At least, unlike Mercedes, they are going for something more special than their gas cars.
Which is great.
But really, someone has to tell them about that huge fake grille….
And that stupid name! iNext sounds like a cross between an Apple product and a Nest Thermostat. 

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  1. From the back: Good looking!

    From the side: Passable.

    From the front: I don't have a sufficient vocabulary to adequately describe just how super ugly it is. Seriously – who approved such a hideous looking thing? It makes the Pontiac Aztek look like a Lamborghini Miura. WOW – this is truly the definition of ugly!

  2. What I like about the interior is the straight across horizontal dash design without any center console taking away knee room. That much is great, but of course these designs never make it to production without some changes that infringe on interior space.

    What I do not like about the interior is the center armrest appears to be made from a wooden skateboard. Not very comfy.

  3. Possibly the greatest grill design in automotive history. This should be on the front of every car.

  4. Just GHASTLY. Why would anyone want to look at a snarling, sniveling gaping electric rodent front end every day?

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