More pictures of the all new 2019 Nissan Altima

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While it does look like a cross between the previous model and the Maxima, the 2019 Altima is an all-new car.
New platform, new engines etc…
It starts at $23 750 for the S model. And $25 100 for the AWD version.
Not a bad premium for WAD.
But the more powerful 2.0 Liter Turbo engine is quite expensive. At $29 150 it is quite a premium over the regular SR version at $25 100. (The turbo is not available on the base S model)
Some reviews are already in, and none of them are bad. But not one is amazing either.
they pretty much all say this is, again, a middle of the pack offering from Nissan. Not as good as the Mazda6 or Honda Accord.
I guess it is pretty tough to try and improve that much on the average mid-sized sedan. While keeping the prices down.
Here is a breakdown of the prices:
As a reminder, the Maxima starts at $34 000. Probably has tons of discounts these days.
It is a great driving car with a great V6 engine.
And there are probably tons of them on the slightly used car market. Just saying….

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  1. Sedans have come such a long way compared to just 10 years ago that any car you buy in the $30k range is as good or better than several cars double the price 10-15 years ago. Now every company tries to differentiate sedans with driving-nannys. Very attractive vehicle, and it looks better in dark colors.

  2. Some parts look like the Cadillac Escala concept, which will burn their butt since Cadillac is likely to use them on their new sedans.

  3. Hey, who cares..this design is cleaner than its competitor..Nissan is heading in the right direction.

  4. I just don't like Nissan's new styling direction. The 2019 Altima and the new Kicks just look like 3rd world, 80's style boxy throwbacks. Not a fan.

  5. This is a nothing car. It'll sell really well to subprime buyers who need something larger than a Sentra.

  6. Meh. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and granted this isn't an aspirational segment, but the new Accord trumps it every objective metric I can think of. For Nissan's sake I hope their fleet sales are strong.

  7. It’s hopelessly repulsive! There’s not a decent looking angle on it! There are much better looking options in this category! Nissan has lost its way as far as design is concerned! 👎🏻

  8. I think the Altima would be more utility with a liftback instead of a trunk. The floating roof is outdated look IMO! The look of the sedan is cheap looking, not like that of a full luxury sedan excluding Lexus models.

  9. It’s so much more attractive than the alternatives! There’s so many good looks from so many angles! There are not that many better looking options in this category! Nissan has finally found its way as far as design is concerned! 👍

  10. I just read that in Canada, we will only get a non turbo 4 cylinder but awd will be standard feature. I bet within a year or two, the turbo engine will be an option here.

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