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I really, really wanted to like this. The first Mercedes EV is quite an event (That B-Class EV from a few years ago was just a brain fart shared with Tesla…)
But that shape is just way too boring and invisible.
The interior is too messy. Too many shapes. It also looks like a “regular” Mercedes console was shoehorned into the new interior.
The whole thing ends up having zero personality. You could just slap any logo from any other brand and it would work…
It does NOT look like a Mercedes.
(That rear side window looks like some generic Japanese design from 15 years ago)
It is a special car that doesn’t look special. 
The range is rumored to be up to 310 miles. Which is what everyone else in that price range does, pretty much. So nothing special there either.
You would think that within the “over $12 billion” invested they would have spent a little on making the car a bit more special… This is just an Electric GLC.

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