Pix of the Peugeot E-Legend with the 504 Coupe

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 Even though the new concept is great, when pictured next to the original Pininfarina 504 Coupe, it does look very busy.
And actually a bit weird and quite overdone.

It just shows how so many modern designs have become quite brutal and aggressive in appearance.
Class and subtleties are not the focus anymore…

That blue velour interior is just crazy and great. So refreshing from the mandatory leather we get almost everywhere these days.

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  1. The safety requirements that end up raising the beltline and the cultural normalization of huge wheels are a couple of things that are driving the new look…. something has to be done with all that visual mass to keep the body from looking too tall…. hence all the silly fru-fru under the doors and in the bumper areas.

  2. I love this. Yes it is a bit overdone as a concept, but with some simplification it is a home run. It's time for some of the clean, angular look of the 60's to come back as everyone has pushed the blob fastback shape about as far as it can for for the moment.

  3. There are so many more international car makes than 40 years ago, a clean design would get lost if everyone did it. With everyone now doing the reverse, there's room for a clean look for a company with a distinctive, recognizable front and rear.

  4. The old School design always used as reference the smooth curves of the woman body. A romantic idea of a car as a female, the higher level of Universal beauty (I agree, sorry for the radical feminism). Now the car are simply aggressive as a fighter. I think is the expression of our times.

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