2019 Mazda CX-5 Turbo: It’s official !

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Click on these 2 pictures above to read the official info and pricing of the new 2019 Turbo versions of the Mazda CX-5.
The new engine will only be offered in the “new for 2019” Grand Touring reserve, and Grand Touring Signature versions.
(It doesn’t seem to be an option on other less expensive versions.)
So the least expensive Turbo version is $34 870. Or about $3400 more than the previous top of the line Grand Touring model. 
On top of the Turbo, the Grand Touring reserve adds heated rear seats, something called “Active traffic display”. Heated steering wheel and cooling front seats. And auto folding mirrors.
So you’re not paying $3400 just for the Turbo.
I drove the Mazda CX-5 a while ago and loved it.
In my daily use for a week, I never needed more power. But I guess some people do.
The interior quality and road manners really compete with more expensive SUVs.
And now with 250HP, even more so. This is getting really close to the Acura RDX.
And similar, more premium models.
Mazda seems to be on a roll. 
( I cannot wait to see the new Mazda3 in person next month at the L.A Auto Show)

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  1. Not to mention Mazda just placed 3rd in Consumer Report's survey of the most reliable new vehicles. Lexus and Toyota are 1 and 2 respectively.

  2. A little disappointed to see you can't get the 2.5T on a fwd version, but great that Mazda is offering that engine on the CX-5.

  3. I've been very satisfied with my 2017 Cx-5 Grand Touring AWD. One of things that attracted me to the Mazda was no turbo and a real 6 speed auto, less complexity. We'll see how the turbo works out and if the transmission is stout enough to handle it.

  4. Negotiating a good deal I heard is tough at Mazda dealers. May go with professional negotiator for this. Last time I try to buy a Mazda they wanted MSRP and spend the entire day at the dealership and they would not budge! Gave up the purchase! Never receive even a call back either!

  5. Mazda is marching steadily upscale, which will probably become much more obvious when the new 3 debuts next month. Their showroom and literature upgrades are also indicative that they are aiming for a different demographic, which is all fine and good.. but I fear the days of cheap fun from Mazda will soon be over.

  6. Moving up the horsepower towards the 300 mark will solve the image problem of satisfying only drivers like Vince. Power will earn respect.

  7. Stop by my local dealership to a test drive. I was told I need to make an appointment but there were salespeople at their desks and talking to other sales people, doing nothing. I just walked out!

  8. I was helping a friend buy a car a couple of weeks ago and we stopped by a couple of Mazda Dealerships. We had zero problem getting a test drive.
    You just went to a bad dealership. And that could be from any brand.

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