2019 Mercedes B-Class

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I kind of like this.
The design is much more pleasant than the previous generation (The one sold here as an EV only)
The interior is a bit different from the new A-Class hatch and sedan. And it looks super roomy. 
The 2 liter engine makes 163HP. In Europe, a smaller 1.8 liter is available as well as a few diesel engines (Still…)
Too bad we won’t be seeing this over here.

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  1. Actually, the engine designations have nothing to do with the engine capacity anymore, both the B180 as well as the B200 use the same new Renault co developed 1,33 Turbo,in different stages of tune ( and the 180d is actually a 1,5 Renault dCi Diesel);

    The proper 2.0 engine in the A-Class starts as a 250 (or as the 35 AMG), and is yet not available in the B-Class;

    That said, I like this car, way more practical than the A-Class, and a nowadays unusual low beltline, that makes for an airy cabin.

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