2019 Nissan Maxima

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The 2019 model is the top picture.

It looks like Nissan wanted to make the Maxima a bit more aggressive, for some reason. The front end isn’t as clean as before.
There should be new lights and bumpers in the back as well. And maybe a few new trims inside.
The great V6 should remain. At least until the next generation.
(Which should be a liftback EV if you ask me…)

The Maxima is an excellent car, and I am glad they didn’t ruin it. Even with a front end that is not really an improvement… They could have just added LED lights to the existing, cleaner design. 

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  1. They ruined the grille. That chrome piece now looks arbitrary and dated because it's flattened. Why not keep the rounded/sculpted look?

    Headlight elements are ripped from any new Honda.

  2. Disagree with the Anonymous comment @11:24 and Vince's initial assessment. I think the revisions to the front end are it cleaner than the pre-facelifted version, particularly the revisions to the V aspect of the grille and the lower air intake (not to mention the new LED headlight setup).

  3. Maxima really needs major interior update. The infotainment system is very dated with low screen quality. The Altima refresh probably will have better system now.

  4. You people complain about everything nor often have the facts.

    The 2020 model year Maxima rumour was BS as I called it and already pointed out from internal verification many months ago, that both Maxima and Murano facelifts were due in December 2018 as 2019 models. 2019 Murano has been pushed back to January 2019.

    I also co-sign Patrick's post. "News" isn't news anymore.

  5. The 2019 Altima is not a "refresh" at all, unless you mean the 2022 model.

    Otherwise, a full model change has NEVER been called a "refresh".

    Refresh is intra-generational, not generation-to-generation.

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