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An all-new Acura MDX is due out at the end of next year as a 2020 model.

Just heard a few small things about it. Like being based on a longer version of the new RDX platform.
And also a new Turbo V6. (Also used in the TLX replacement also coming next year)

The picture above just shows an idea of what it could look like. Which is basically a big RDX.
Which wouldn’t be such a bad thing. And would give the big MDX quite a shot of personality.

It would be better equipped to do battle with the Audi Q7 and the Buick Enclave.

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  1. Disagree with the previous comment. The new RDX is finally a looker after the first gen which was awkwardly proportioned and the second gen which was very bland. So if the MDX borrows the new RDX styling, then go for it! The proposed 2020 MDX render above looks great!! ������

  2. I did not really like the new RDX in person. Ir sort of look dated already and front grill smiley face grill was to big for my taste. I am hopeful that the MDX will be a different design, more boxy looking?

  3. I am an Acura fan and own an MDX, and love the driving dynamics, despite the FWD platform. The new RDX was nice in the pictures, but kind of boring in person. The rear is forgettable. It must be the taillights.

  4. Just saw the new RDX at the OC auto show and thought for sure it was the MDX.. how huge will the next MDX be?!? The RDX definitely doesn't look like a CR-V platform-mate anymore.

  5. That's because the new RDX is not based on the CR-V anymore. It has its own platform now.
    The MDX could be based on a stretched version of the RDX platform.

  6. Yeah, I think the commentator that said 2021 or so is right on the money for the MDX new model. The current MDX is selling still a the top of it sales and I sure Acura with it new RDX which is selling at 5K a month where the previous model was 4K-5K a month in sales volume. It sort of a dud in terms of sales increase. It doing 1K better on the average then the previous but that is the amount of increase! And in time it will fade as new competitive models come out and the market of buyers will have more options.

  7. I hate that look if it is the new 2020 it is long and like a station wagon I like the MDX when it was taller and more sporty-er I will not buy anything that looks like that. They've lowered it and lowered it and now I feel like it's just a station wagon Subaru or something

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