2020 Toyota Supra

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Let’s just hope this looks “better in the flesh” as they say…
Because so far, this is just a stubby version of that concept we saw years ago.
As for the interior (Missing the tablet/screen on top of the dash), it looks like something that could have come out many years ago.
On top of it, Toyota execs have already mentioned it will be quite expensive.
(Of course, being based on a BMW with BMW engines…)
Sure, I want to see a new Supra. Why not. A new Celica too!
But a small super sporty BMW base expensive model might not really be the way to go.
On top of that, it doesn’t look like the world wants to actually buy a sports car from Toyota.
The affordable and sporty FR-S sold less than 7000 unit last year. (Its best year under Scion was 18 327 back in 2013)
A much more expensive Supra will sell much less.
Not actually sure what the point of this is….
More on the next Supra HERE.

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  1. I think Supra will be too expensive and FR-S too hard-core for most to sell well. Lexus RC is too heavy to be fun as a sporty car.

    Celica was just right imo (except last gen). I wish they would bring that back but popularity for that segment is just low unfortunately:-(.

  2. The dashboard might look nice, but that exterior from the start has been a gloopy mess. That styling has a cartoonish feel, and the window sizes look like it's going to feel claustrophobic inside.

    (why do they keep pumping such power into pillbox-like lozenges with tiny window slots, that the driver can't see out of?!?)

  3. I agree w/ "out of touch." Seems roundy and blobular for today's concise taste- It's akin to a plate of organ meats. At least it's a reality unlike that Franco-pecker from Renault.

  4. It's worse then you think… here are interior spy shots: https://leftlanenews.com/2018/10/08/spied-2019-toyota-supra-caught-up-close/

    To sum up the new Supra:
    You can spend a lot of money to own a uglier rebadged version of the Z4 without the "prestige" of owning a BMW. All with the benefit of giving up the great reliability and cheep maintenance costs Toyota is known for.

    Just think… Now your can own a Toyota now with BMW's legendary bad quality

    And I could be wrong, but I don't think Toyota diehards will go for this.

    I really think Toyota need to bring their A-Game with this car to prove they were serious about bringing fun back to the brand. This is not it.

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