2020 VW Golf ?

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These are actually the craziest illustrations/guesses I have seen of the next Golf (8th generation)
As they look almost the same as the current car.
I know the Golf never really re-invent anything with each design. But this would be absolutely ridiculous for VW to have basically a clone of the current car.
Let’s hope for something much, much better….

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  1. Don't hold your breath, the next Passat looks like the current boring and tired model. I would expect the Golf will follow the same stale formula.

  2. I have the feeling Vince that it'll be more akin to that "Gen E" concept they showed indirectly some time ago. I'm assuming I can't post a link here but searching the aforementioned term will result in a blue 2 door car with surfacing I believe is closer to the Mk VIII look.

  3. I agree that VW isn't really an innovator (unless it's ways to cheat emissions testing). I expect what will change at VW in two years will be some materials, assembly methods, and engine modifications. Otherwise, not much in design or form.

  4. You do realize the current generation is basically just the previous one with a sharp bodyside crease and different fascias and taillights? An all-new next generation model should be in the works, but maybe they don't want to fix what isn't broken and they'll just facelift it again.

  5. 6-speed.. you are correct. I was thinking MK5 to MK6 which was really just a heavy facelift. But that even better illustrates my point.. why would they do a thorough overhaul of the MK7 when it is dynamically leaps and bounds above its predecessor, and now that the new Jetta is using the same platform, does it make any sense to create a new one for the MK8 Golf?

  6. Mk8 won't have an all new platform, but rest assured it will be modified with improvements. As an owner of an mk6 (2012) and an mk7 (2018)gti , I look forward to the new mk8 .

  7. It has been ore or less confirmed it won't be all new, but using the existing platform; If they do a Mk. 6 job (which really just was a Mk. 5 with a facelift), this could be very well credible.

  8. Current generation Golf is not a refresh of the previous . MK7 was when it went to the MQB platform.

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