2020 VW Golf

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That’s quite a surprise…

The “all-new” Golf caught on a parking lot. Next to an Audi A3.
Which, unsurprisingly, looks a lot like the current model.

The surprise is mostly uncovered. Another surprise. Except there is still a bit of camouflage on the headlights. Painted the color of the car. (A trick VW uses on their prototypes)

It does look quite clean and simple, which is really nice.

Let’s hope for many more pictures soon…

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  1. This looks fake. The wheels are perfectly positioned with the "bottom" hole of the 5-spokes in the same place front and back. You only see that in press photos or photoshop jobs. Also, why are the badges on the Golf so much brighter and more visible than the ones on the A3, which are probably all chrome? THe headlights look photoshopped as well, and there are weird things happening with the brightness of the shadows and reflections in the paint and glass.

  2. Looks a lot like they are pulling another "Mk. 6 Golf", as this looks like it#s keeping the basic body (esp. the greenhouse), with new sheetmetal and lights;

  3. These look fake to me – like photochops where the angles don't quite align right. Seems odd to cover the profile of the car in camo and leave the lights and model name so exposed. To your point Vince, it could be their new strategy though…

  4. Those pictures look altered, particularly near the headlights. Notice how there's next to no cutline for the hood. I'm calling fake.

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