All new 2019/20 BMW 3 series

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Well, that doesn’t look too good, does it….

Like a weird melted version of the current model. With, of course, a larger grille, and some weirdo squiggly lines on the lower bumper.
This pretty much looks like a Chinese copy of the current generation for some reason.

At least Mercedes is really trying a newer, cleaner design language. Audi is also making a (small) effort to be a bit more original and classy.
I guess BMW really doesn’t care for some reason…

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  1. Looks like they are changing their c pillar design. Some would say that is the most radical thing BMW has done in 100 years

  2. Like Audi's 2019 update of the A4 most of the "redesign" effort has gone to changing the front fascia. Nothing really new here on the outside. I hope they have at least improved the mediocre interiors that have been dogging the current models. But, hey, you can buy these things at a heavy discount these days. Gone are the days of refusing anything below MSRP. BMW is another mass market carmaker. But, do not tell that to those seeking the valet line up.

  3. What a disappointment. It's a scaled down 5 series as usual but something just seems off. Interior looks nice though.

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