All new 2020 VW Passat in the wild already!

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I must say, this looks really nice. 
A very nicely proportioned design that seems like it will last quite a long time. Nothing weird. 
The interior manages to feel classic and original at the same time. Good job.
I know times are tough for regular large sedans in the US, but considering, this might actually do quite well.
They just need a good marketing campaign to go with it. And a better, smoother engine than the 2.0 Liter in the Tiguan. (Or more sound insulation)

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  1. Look at the size of the tunnel in the rear seating area. Assume this new Passat has been engineered for all-wheel drive capability.

  2. Lazy design. I was so waiting for this car. I have the outgoing Jetta. But adopt the design of the (soon to departed) Ford Fusion and throw in the interior of the outgoing model with minor modifications does not equate to a redesign. I'd have to see how it drives. I still might buy it.

  3. Terrible, terrible grille. Why can't VW just copy and paste the Arteon face EXACTLY onto all its lineup? Instead they're doing this crappy job morphing it with the old face and using nasty chrome detailing. Such an awkward shape and mess of dated lines…

  4. Looks like a six year old Hyundai. Volkswagen should try and find inspiration from Volvo for good but conservative design.

  5. Harry is right.. it would be a perfectly acceptable design for your rental Malibu or Impala, but not so much for a Volkswagen.

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