All new Mazda3 teaser

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This already looks like really good news!

The red hatchback shown in the very short video above already shows a rear profile very similar to
the gorgeous concept we saw last year.

The concept version is the top picture, while the bottom one is the actual production model.
As you can see, this is already looking very close. Which is great.

The car will be shown next month at the Los Angeles auto show. And, of course, I will be there.
This is one of the new cars I am looking forward to the most.

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  1. Mazda's designs have been completely nailing for the past few years. I think they were always nice, defiantly much better then the average. But lately… awesome. I can not think of a manufacturer that is this consistent.

    Now if they would just get ride of the tablet glued on the dash.

  2. Looking forward to this, and even more so, the 4G Mazda 6. Not sure it is possible to improve the 2018 6 Signature.

  3. Mazda is quickly becoming my favorite car company to watch. The biggest issues I've had in the past with their products were all about the interiors. But they're very quickly getting that right as well. If they can get away from the black-ivory high contrast color and add some extra power to the engine (which they've already started) I'll likely defect from my love affair with Honda and make Mazda my next purchase. Totally hoping for a compact/midsize wagon from them to make it to the US soon.

  4. Mazda design team is the best of the Japanese auto makers. They are approaching that of German luxury brands. The only bad is that Mazda still under powers their vehicles and uses the 2.5T as the engine in model at the end of their odell design. Then there is their slogan is “Zoom, Zoom”. That mean handling only!

  5. Is it me or hatch space in the back is hugely compromised by sharp rake?
    Looks great otherwise, utility might be lost.

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