All new VW T-Cross

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Well, that wasn’t really worth such a long wait and millions of spy shots and teasers, was it…
Maybe it is the weirdo color in these pictures, but that small T-Cross SUV really doesn’t look special at all. Just a clumsy amalgam of other VW design cues. 
The T-Cross is based on the Polo platform and comes in FWD only (no AWD).
The top engine is a 1.5 Liter engine with 148HP.
And it is about the same size as the Ford EcoSport. 
Sure, it does look better than the poor old Ford. But that’s about it. And really, what doesn’t look better than the Ecosport?
The T-Cross will be sold pretty much everywhere in the world except the US. And from these pictures, I’d say we are not missing much…

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  1. Very crappy looking. Looks like a cheap Hyundai or Fiat that they don't import here. The interior is not bad looking though.

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