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 Russian mafia members have a new choice in transportation. 
The all-new giant X7 is basically a German Cadillac Escalade. It is actually a few millimeters longer than the short wheelbase Escalade.
The new BMW is actually much more vulgar looking than the current Escalade (or maybe I just got used to the Cadillac) 
Just look at this console. (With some pseudo-Christal looking shifter??)
The massive grille from the concept is back (also spreading to the rest of their SUV line)
The totally uninspired design is there too. 
It’s almost weird to look that bad…  
Sales start in March in the US. At a starting price of $75 000.
Or about $5000 more than the current Mercedes GLS. (an all-new one is due out pretty soon)
The new Lincoln Navigator starts at around $73 000 and the (aging but still very popular) Escalade starts at about the same price as the X7.

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  1. I agree, it is unattractive, and there is something very vulgar about recent luxurious BMW interiors; All that materials, all that gadgets, but it still has zero class….

  2. Love it or hate it, BMW did an amazing job with the scale. All the reviews keep talking about how MASSIVE this thing is, but to me it does not look any bigger than the X5

  3. This one just fits BMW, I think BMW SUVs are horrible (all of them), so this one keeps the theme. I don't have the money to get a car like that, but if I did I would probably try everything else before this thing.

  4. While the X7 doesn’t quite sink to the Asian SUV level of ugly, it’s still not all that attractive.

  5. I think rich soccer moms will be by far the biggest customers for this absolutely unnecessary SUV

  6. Why do the displays on the seat back look like cheap DVDs screens from Family Dollar? What's wrong with a swing up, down whatever. Also, the black and white seat covers from Walmart aren't doing it any favors.

  7. That grille is the most offensive aspect of the design. It looks like a puckering Chinese Escalade. I agree with the other commenter that the interior is also not very classy. Nothing seems integrated with the design and it's like BMW thought it would be "high tech" or "luxurious" if it tacked an unnecessarily large Pep Boys crystal shifter on the console and graphics in the gauge cluster shaded like a 2008 iPhone. I also hate the black trim around the rear window. I'm sure it's made out of plastic and is about two feet tall.

    I knew I was over BMW as a brand once they abandoned the manual transmission in the 3-series.

  8. I always love BMW for it style and outstanding interiors in their cars. I think the 2019 X5, X7 are top of the luxury pack with Mercedes Benz. It too bad the reliable still wanting but 90% of all luxury cars start out as lease cars anyways so it not a big concern for 1st lease drivers. It is under warranty. All luxury brand no longer do a fix varies major powertrain every 3 years but wait till the mid cycle refresh to do that. Ugh!

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