Cadillac Escalade review coming up.

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That’s right. I am driving a Cadillac Escalade this week and will be reporting on it in a few days.

So far, it is, of course, very similar to the Yukon XL and Suburban. Which are basically the same car. But I think the Cadillac actually looks more modern. Even cleaner.
And inside, the Escalade dashboard is much nicer and more upscale.

As usual, I will try to answer any questions you might have about this giant car.

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  1. "And inside, the Escalade dashboard is much nicer and more upscale." Shouldn't it be, since this is GM's luxury brand.

  2. Havent you already done the Escalade? Just wondering. Could you also do the top-trim "Black Label" Lincoln Navigator? I want to see these two compared.

  3. Does access to the third row compromise second row comfort in any way, such as floor too high? The old ones had ugly seat mechanicals.

  4. Does it have the same engine as the GMC Yukon Denali? Is it worth the extra money over the Denali?

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