More pictures of the new Hyundai Lafesta

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 I think the new Lafesta sedan is quite a good looking car.
So far, this is a car that Hyundai sells only in China.

Sizewise, it fits right in between the Elantra and the Sonata. Which could work here. (As the next Elantra maybe?)
It seems to have more personality than either the Elantra or the Sonata. The front end also resembles a bit the Fil Rouge concept from last year. Which is fine.

 From previous pictures, it seemed the Lafesta could have been a hatchback. (With that super slick profile)
But I guess not. The Lafesta joins an ever-expanding group of sedans that look like a hatchback, but are not.
That group includes the Honda Accord and Civic, Chevrolet Malibu and others…

This is too bad…

The interior seems pretty nice and upscale for the class.

Except that screen is maybe the worst offender to date of that ridiculous tablet look.
The laziest in interior design on display right here. Which is really too bad, since the rest of the interior seems quite nice…

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  1. The whole thing looks great except…. that big frowning open mouth with chrome lips…. How long do we have to put up with these huge grills?

  2. It looks really good in the second picture, but that gaping maw in the first photo is downright hideous.

  3. Vince, you need to get over the "tablet" look complaints. Whether you like it or not, it's here to stay for the foreseeable future, given that it's making it's way into nearly every automaker's interior designs, and ergonomically, it's an ideal setup.

  4. Loving the rear – reminds me of the A7, so sign me up! I don't mind the front, but the sides are super busy. That said, I think the whole thing is lovely – it seems like what the 2015 Sonata redesign should have been in the first place. I'd test drive it.

  5. I disagree with the tablet comment. The "new" 3 series does not have it. Not necessary for something to stick out like a sore thumb. Not that I care one way or another. I do not remember which maker started it, but then most everyone jumped on the "me too" bandwagon.

  6. Looks fantastic! Hyundai should bring it to the US as a new gen Elantra! If this represents the future of Hyundai design, then they are definitely back on track!

  7. I really want to love this car. It's interesting to look at and a departure from Hyundai's bland devolution as of late.

    But there are 3 issues I see:
    1. That grille shape is just plain weird. The chrome detailing around it only makes it worse. Nice headlights though.

    2. That thick fake black mesh bumper around back is SO cheap-looking… and again the chrome under the tail lights… (which is a handsome light bar by itself…)

    3. The infotainment screen is a joke. For sure the worse "ipad on dash" I've seen. I'm okay with smaller screens sticking up like in most Mercedes and newer Fords (even newer Hyundais…), but this is too far.

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