New BMW 3 series with chrome.

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Just a couple of pictures of the new model with the chrome line around the window.
And, of course, they have a more complicated design with the little bit of chrome attached to the body instead of the rear door.
(So it will look awkward each time the rear door is open)
They are not the only one. Cadillac did with the XT4, and others. 
But here, they could have really made the door a tiny bit longer to integrate it.

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  1. I'm trying to like it. It looks kind of pudgy like it's lost all of its athleticism. I prefer the chrome regular bumper to the m spec.

  2. Months ago I commented on the XT4 for the same thing and was told to chill when I thought the designers were lazy or inept.

    I'd say the same about this. They start at the front , get to the back and say OOPS, what to we do now?

    Once seen it can never be unseen.

  3. Front looks more feminine. Back is more generic. Inoffensive. Looks high end from a glance. But probably cheaper to build. I bet it will be 4.0 sec to 60 with the I6.

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