New VW Golf LED lights???

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 VW just released a few pictures of what their future personalized LED lights could look like.
As you can see, these would have the ability to be controlled and reconfigured by your phone.

The picture also shows the rear end of a Golf. But with different lights.
Lights very similar to what we have all seen before… Recently.

The lights on these supposedly pictures of a 2020 VW Golf prototype caught in China.
Most people think these are actually fake. For various reasons.
But these rear lights do look very similar to what VW is showing to the press. But not exactly the same design. (Although there is still some clever, red painted, camouflage on these)
What do you think?
Could these actually be real?

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  1. No, the Golf pics still aren't real. If anything, it just means that someone with inside info modeled the lights on the fake images to look like the configurable ones in the graphics from VW.

    I also just despise this idea in general. Why the need to personalize taillight graphics?

  2. Sorry that's really a bad idea to have customize lighting with letter and shape features. You know some jerk will somehow be able to spell out profanity on them. Bad idea.

  3. God, this is such a stupid idea. I can imagine people programming them to say stupid phrases or worse. What's next, emoticons?

  4. I think the photos of the camo car could have the real lights. The camo might be covering part of the light.

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