Renault EZ- Ultimo Concept

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I am usually not a fan of these crazy concept cars that are just teasing us about amazing designs we will actually never see.
Well, actually, I AM a fan of the super crazy stuff that pushed the envelope. Just not the “tease” that looks like it could be produced, but isn’t.
Renault has no intention of actually making this. It is quite crazy.
And they are not a maker of super luxury limousine type cars in the first place.
This should be done by Rolls Royce.
That’s the part of what I love about it. Someone at Renault said “fuck it” and just went for it.
Some super luxurious autonomous futurisitic limousine.
And it’s great!
It really re-invent the chauffeured driven car. Without the chauffeur.
A brand new idea of hyper-luxury transportation. Inside and out.
A great concept from Renault!

I think that I love the EZ-Ultimo so much also because it reminds me of the great Syd Mead Limousine design I saw in a book when I was a kid.
It is really a 21st Century version of the same idea. Without a driver.

I am sure Mr.Mead would approve…

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  1. I totally agree with you, Vince. Opulence, perchance to dream…. Nice capture of Syd Mead relating to this concept. I have mixed feelings on the wheel shaped covers. Folks are calling them fake wheels, but they are more like ornate covers that provide context for the front wheels pivoting to steer.

    When you mentioned Syd Mead, I immediately thought of a more upright carriage version of this thing with Mead-esque futuristic horse-like things pulling it when an onsite driver is needed…. JK sort of…

  2. It's a giant Faberge egg. Silly. I'd like to see it take on some potholes or some light mud and snow.

  3. now THAT is what a concept car should look like in 2018.

    I've felt like car styling has been stagnant for well over a decade. In the late 90's, early 2000s, car makers were making bolder, riskier designs. The Dodge Neon. The Audi TT and VW New Beetle. The Chrysler PT Cruiser. And maybe a little later, the Toyota FJ Cruiser.

    Designs of late have just felt like slightly rehashed versions of the previous gen. It's good to see innovation in car design still exists . . . even if it never ultimately makes it into production.

  4. This looks cool, but it's way too low. Limos should look back to the horse and carriage days: enough room to wear a top hat.

    How luxurious is it if you can't get anybody inside who doesn't have the flexibility of a gymnast, and if you sit with your knees above your shoulders because the seats are two inches above the floor?

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