Will we be getting the VW Tharu in the US?

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VW has already said the US is not getting the T-Rock and T-Cross SUVs.
Instead, they are preparing something just for us. Or is it, like the Jetta, Atlas, and Passat, just for “Us and China”.
Which means, the new compact Tharu SUV could be coming here soon.
Since it just came out in China.
As you can see, it kind of looks like a smaller Tiguan. And even more boring and old.
The interior is more modern than the exterior and actually seems more pleasant than the Tiguan.

As a reminder, here is the much, much better looking T-Roc.
A European model we are not getting here.
They claim it is too small for us. (About 5 inches shorter than a Honda HR-V)

The Tharu us about 10 inches shorter than the long Tiguan we are getting over here.
But, it is about the same size as the short wheelbase, 5 passenger Tiguan already sold in Europe.
Why not bring that over here???

VW has a long history of making wrong, weird decisions about the US market.
Looks like there is another one coming…

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  1. You only like a few cars and they're all Volkswagen and Asian not much of a car guy are you Vincent?
    Ever been down the track taken a course?
    swapped a gasket added fuzzy dice?..

  2. The face of the yellow picture is basically what the new Jetta should have been….it's such a better execution. Instead, we got the over the top, oversized blunder that is the current Jetta.

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