Zombie Saab 9.3 still not 100% dead.

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This is actually an all-new ad for the NEVS 9.3.
Which is an electric version of the old Saab.
NEVS has teased the automotive world for years about this car.
And it looks like it is finally coming out.

I guess the “Classic experience” part of the slogan refers to the fact that this design is now over 15 years old.
Not sure what the “extraordinary enjoyment” is all about. Except for the driving pleasure of an EV.

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  1. The 9-3 was a great driving car.

    You have to remember that China is not L.A. They barely have any Teslas. They are the biggest market for electric cars, but that's mostly micro-cars with limited range.

    Compared to that, an electric 9-3 is extraordinary. It's also extraordinary if you compare it to their best-selling non-electric cars, which are variations on the US-market Jetta and Cruze. Can't get much more "ordinary" than those two.

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