2019 BMW 8 Series Convertible

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I think this looks much better than the coupe version.
(Maybe that’s just because I like convertibles in general?)
It is still a fussy/overly busy design though. That huge rille is still terribly vulgar looking. And the rear bumper looks like it was designed by at least 10 people. 
Same thing inside, the dashboard is just way too busy. And that crystal shifter is one of the worst things I have seen in a car interior. 
Still, I do like it more than the coupe. And I am sure it is a fine car to drive too. 
And it is probably faster than anyone will ever go with a 530HP V8. 
( A 6 cylinder diesel is still available outside the US)

The US price will start at $121 500. (About $13 000 less than the S-Class convertible)

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  1. Speaking squeezing, not much width in that footwell. You can put your legs wherever you want, as long as they're like this.

  2. You are dead on…. That rear bumper suffers from some whole department's inability to say "no". I'm thinking the ads for this car needs to be "When too much is not enough"

  3. Just an 8-Series in name. Ever wonder why there's no V12? Because the G14 and G15 were developed as the 2019 model year 6-Series up until 2016 and they never intended to have a V12 6er.

    A separate 8-Series on top of the 7 was scrapped for 2020 launch, favouring a renamed 6-Series in 2018 as the 8 instead.

    See how haphazard the transition is between generations of 6ers. This is merely a 5-Series coupe with an 8 badge and pricetag.

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