2020 Genesis G90 teaser

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The teaser for the 2020 model is obviously the top picture. And it shows quite a drastic change from the current version.
The whole front end seems to be radically different. Which could end up looking quite weird since they probably left the rest of the car alone.
The new grille seems to have a weirdo triangular shape. While the headlights do look much more modern.
This could end up being a very bad case of “trying too hard”.
We’ll know soon enough since it might also end up at the Los Angeles show.

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  1. This is desperately needed. The G70 is handsome. The G90 is an anonymous also-ran. (same can be said for Kia's K9, yet the Stinger stands out…)

    Hyundai made some terrible missteps starting up Genesis and styling is only part of the problem. They need that SUV to pump up sales.

  2. New front end looks like an Acura did the nasty with a Ford Mustang.
    Not so sure that's a good thing for a lux flagship.

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