2020 Honda Fit

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These are, of course, just illustrations. And I really hope the final product looks better.
Sure, they do match the spy shots we have already seen of the car. Showing a much simpler design than the current model.
But these illustrations show something quite boring and unoriginal. Unlike the really good looking previous generation Fit.
I am really hoping Honda will not try to force that weird rear quarter window/C pillar design onto the small Fit.
And that giant chrome bar on such a small car would be quite ridiculous.
They seem to be on a simplification lately. With fewer spoilers, fake vents etc… So let’s hope the next Fit ends up as a clean, yet original design. Not this…

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  1. I'm thinking it's pretty accurate from the C-pillar forward, but I expect a much simpler rear quarter window treatment.. and there is absolutely no way the rear bumper and lower front fascia areas will be that clean.

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