2020 Honda Passport

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 After a long time guessing, here is the real thing.
I was hoping for a really modern and unique design for Honda’s new model.
Instead, we just get a shorter Pilot (like many readers here had predicted)

 The similarities are very obvious in the profile of both cars.
Sure, the Passport wants to look a bit more like an “adventure” vehicle. But the differences are mostly plastic trims.
(On the top picture, the plastic trim on the fenders is weirdly designed. Like some parts are missing…)

 I hate to say, but this is really not more modern looking than the almost 5-year-old Pilot…

Same thing inside> Where the new Passport (top pic) is the same as the Pilot.

The Passport is also powered by the 3.5 Liter V6. It has a 9 speed automatic.

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  1. Well, I didn't predict that it was going to be a short Pilot but I did predict that it was going to be fugly and I nailed it!

  2. Incredibly disappointing.. Honda missed a great opportunity to give Passport its own look, but it's definitely nothing but a shorter Pilot.

  3. What in god's green earth is the point of this thing. They already have the CR-V. It should instead have the same 125" wheelbase as the Ridgeline. That would actually be something useful.

  4. Add a shifter and it's the interior of the Ridgeline too. That is one cheap looking, ugly SUV. Maybe other trim levels look better.

  5. The new Passport end up as just a shorter Pilot with different trim packages. Undecided yet if I like the new Passport look! Sort of getting use to it! I want to see the Urban trim package too. Shown is the Adventurer trim package that included a blackout package. I was expect more of a masculine, boxy looking Passport similar to the previous Pilot!

  6. I CALLED IT!!!!! I 1000% KNEW it would be a shortened Pilot with the exact same interior!!! How could you not know that is exactly what it would be?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!? Damn, this thing is Fugly though.

  7. Wow, what a lazy design. Just like using the Civic with slightly different body panels to create the Insight. GM used to do this back in the day, and regularly got raked over the coals for it. Honda will get no criticism and just print money with this.

  8. Just got back from the first day at the L.A. Auto Show and saw the new Passport! In person, it not that bad looking as that of videos and photos in the side view. It is no German luxury or Range Rover in looks but I think I could possibly live with it! I am to going wait to see how it sells and if not good, I will jump in and get a great bargain new Passport for myself!

  9. Honda definitely has the ugliest lineup of any car brand right now and this fits right in. The only decent looking car they make is the new Insight.

  10. I didn’t think Honda could create anything more boring and ugly than the Pilot. Honda has definitely proven me wrong. The new Passport will be the ugliest vehicle in its segment. Sad.

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