2020 Hyundai Palisade

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Here is the first official photo of Hyundai’s new “big SUV”. Which will replace the long wheelbase version o the previous Santa Fe. But also move upmarket, apparently. (Why not make even more money)
From the side, this looks very much like a GM product to me. For some reason.
Upfront, it is basically a bigger Santa Fe with more bits and chrome.
The Palisade is basically the Kia Telluride’s cousin. ( I guess that means the Kia will be revealed later)

Here is what the new Palisade is based on: the Grandmaster Concept.

And yes, the Grandmaster should have become a Genesis SUV. Not a Hyundai.
Since the new luxury brand is in desperate need of one…

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  1. Very nice. These guys are truly moving upmarket. Good for them. And if, to some eyes, it looks like the Acadia, if I were GM I would be worrying.

  2. One of the worst front ends on a modern car. Almost has the Avalon beat.
    That chrome is just putrid. Such lazy, dated detailing for it to (like a late 2000s pickup truck).

    Ruins an otherwise fine looking SUV. Hyundai has fallen so far from their design grace a few years back. More messy, less taste.

  3. I like the Telluride design better. This is not ugly. But to me the Teeluride looks more of a Truck.this looks like a GMC or old Saturn Outlook/Acadia. I like the Acadia.

  4. It looks upscale for a Hyundai. Lovely design and I like the grille. Every one is heading in the same direction anyway. And they just hired a Lambo/Bentley executive to head up their design. A V8 would be a stupid move however.

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