2020 Lincoln Aviator

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The new Aviator proves that Lincoln was not just teasing us with their good looking concept last year.
As the production model looks pretty much the same.
It also kept the great interior. (Too bad for that tablet sticking out…)
It will be powered by a 400HP Turbo 3.0 Liter V6 and a 10-speed auto.
RWD and AWD are available.
The Grand Touring version is powered by a 3.0 Twin Turbo V6/Hybrid combo with 450HP.
So far so good…

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  1. At the unveiling at the Detroit Auto Show was a big fan of the new Aviator. Now, a full year later, the Aviator’s style has lost it luster. Style real does not look like the full size Range Rover and the interior is not that eye catching either.

  2. Good overall shape, but the coloring of the roof/greenhouse is weird. The black pillars are OK, but they don't hit the roof with the window edges. Dash is squared off in typical Ford fashion.

    How many butts will bang into those big bolsters?

  3. For this segment, Ford/Lincoln did an excellent job on the Aviator. I'd rather have this than a Land Rover and enjoy better reliability, too.

  4. Ford has a winner with this Aviator. It should be the cream of the Midsize Luxury SUV crop if it's priced right.

  5. An attractive exterior and 400HP, or a Touring version with 450HP? Why can't GM do this? Buick should be at least at this level, and Cadillac above it – if GM is serious and knows how to produce and then market their brands.

  6. This is the one that will save Lincoln. If this doesn't sell well then i don't know what else they can do.

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