2020 Range Rover Evoque

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 I think range Rover did great with the all-new Evoque for 2020.
They took the already great design and made it even more modern.
The whole thing is also much cleaner. With far fewer lines and details. Which is great.

it is basically a very similar shape, but now everything almost looks futuristic and simpler.
A lot like a small Velar.

 Inside, it does look more upscale than before. The door panel design looks a bit more conventional in the new car.
And, while the current model had a rotary Automatic shifter (European manual model pictured above) it now has the stupid and confusing electronic one that almost everyone is using these days.
I’d say that’s a big step backward …

The new Evoque seems immediately like one of the best design around for an SUV.
Very modern and clean.
I really wish other manufacturers would learn from this. Almost anything else seems just overdone, busy, and sometimes downright vulgar.

A small detail, but I can’t help but wondering where have rear bumpers gone (???)
Like many SUVs these dyas (and even some cars) the hatch is basically the bumper now. Which makes zero sense…
The new Evoque seems to be pushing this “useless bumper” idea even further.

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  1. Bumpers have been vanishing from front and back for years. Even the Rolls Royce models of today show little if at all protection.

    Burlapp didn't mention that this car now gets a rearview mirror camera making outward visibility easier and the fact that this model doesn't get a rotating transmission knob that appears. during start up. Range Rover instead gives buyers a less desirable or less gimmicky shifter.

  2. I gotta say it looks more aggressive in a good way. The first one was more Posh Spice while the new one is more bends then David

  3. The new Evoque is fabulous looking. It for those who like a 172" long luxury crossover with a heavy price tag attach to it. Base price is going be around $44K but like the German luxury brands; you have to add at least 15% and possibly 25% more over the base price to get one that is nice to own. Range Rover has never been famous for reliability either and the last one was sort of rough powertrain inside. More reason to upgrade to this model!

  4. I like the new Evoque because of the new modern luxurious interior and the exterior look! I thought their main competitor was the Macan in this price range. Autobiography model will be interesting to see and wonder if it will get near the $100K including sales tax! Not sure when or if a SVR will be offer.

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