2020 Subaru WRX???

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Of course, this is only an illustration and not the real thing.
And I think it is completely wrong.

I do think this would make a very nice “sub-Impreza model that could compete with the Honda Fit.
But not the next WRX.

The WRX has been based on the Impreza for many generations, and this seems way too small.

Still, this is quite nice looking. But I am not sure if Subaru is actually trying to grow its line up below the Impreza.

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  1. When I first saw it I thought a previous generation Hyundai Elantra GT mated with a Dodge Caliber SRT and this is their love child.

  2. Subaru's best designs are bland and anonymous, which isn't a terrible thing. This is a mash-up of styling gimmicks cribbed from other brands. Flat-out fugly.

  3. Looks good! This shouldn't be next impreza but certainly another great model to add to their lineup

  4. The Japanese site that started this story isn't suggesting this will repalace either the WRX or the Impreza. Rather, it's part of a bid to get back into WRC. (Although WRC cars are limited to 1.6L and they think this would be a 1.8L…)

    Even if this is real, my guess is it wouldn't be seen outside of Asia/Europe.

  5. If this is the next WRX, they better hope they sell alot more Accents. Not a horrible design, but so not future WRX material.

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