2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid

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For the first time, we are getting a hybrid version of the Corolla in the US.
Based on the new sedan.
Pictured here in white with wheels that look like plastic covers, it doesn’t’ really look that great…
Compared to the new Mazda3 sedan, this actually looks like quite a mess.
It is powered by a 1.8 Liter with 121HP. And it gets 50MPG average.
The Honda Insight has 151HP and is rated at 55city and 49Hwy.
And looks 100 times better than this.
I wish Toyota good luck …

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  1. I agreed, it looks bad. HOWEVER, I thinks it look better than the current ugly Prius. What were they thinking?

    And as ugly as it is, I'll buy one before I but a Prius, based on exterior looks and price.

    My issue with the current Mazda 3 is the room in the second row, very small. But nice design.

  2. It doesn’t look any better as a hybrid, although it looks much better than the rather hideous Prius.

  3. The other thing is still a Mazda.

    NHTSA Campaign Number: 18V631000 for the Mazda 6. Suspensions that look like
    swiss cheese.

    Mazda should the right thing like Toyota did with the rusting frames of their pickups years ago. Buy them back and crush them. I'd go to work everyday around 6-7 am and for about a year every couple of days I'd follow a car hauler loaded up with Toyota pickups going to a designated yard to crush them. But, Mazda won't because they are Mazda, zoom – zoom.

    I know you are comparing this to the 3, but Mazda is still really bad about rust in states that lay down salt.

    I would never consider a Mazda as long when everytime I encounter one 6-7 years old there's a 50-50 chance of surface rust bubbling or complete rust through. That was par for the course 25+ years ago on everything. Now it should be a minimum of 10+ years before the 1st hint of rust let alone poking a whole through the metal with your finger. The rest of the car world evolved, but not them.

    Better ugly and boring than exciting and dead. Also how exciting is a nice looking car with rust holes in it way too early?

    I take some of it back. Maybe the Mx-5 if I fit because I'd need a Gurney bubble. I wouldn't run a Mx-5 in the winter.

    Maybe you folks in warm weather climates don't care. But to me that makes Mazda
    a marginal side show that can't compete in all 50 states.

  4. Toyota today is the GM of the 70s. They are fat and happy now, but everyone else is surpassing them quickly. They have become so undesirable that many people have a viscerally negative reaction to them.

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