2020 Toyota Corolla Sedan coming up

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The teaser above shows the whole new Corolla family.
The cool wagon we are not getting. The hatchback, and the upcoming sedan.
The shape of the sedan looks quite conservative. At least on the teaser image.
I guess we will know for sure very soon since it will be unveiled on the 16th of this month.

These two pictures above are the wagon and hatchback.
Looking exactly like the first 2 shapes on the teaser.

That sedan version might actually look kind of weird…

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  1. Wow that wagon looks cool. That's a real shame it will not be available here. Also, does that have a "HYBRID" badge on the front fender?

  2. Corollas have been the absolute worst, most deliberately mediocre designs for decades. These appear to be much MUCH better. Looking forward to seeing these on the road, rapidly replacing the ones that litter the highway now.

  3. It would be a real shame of showing us the three variants but only the hatch and sedan is offered. It's wrong Toyota, bring the wagon here to the state side! And a hybrid at that!!

  4. Wagon looks nice. If it were a hybrid, I'd get it in a heartbeat. Since Toyota's dumped the Venza and the Prius V and made the 2019 Rav4 look more agressive, there's a big gap in the line-up. They'll probably wait a year and bring it here as a 2020 hybrid to replace the Prius V with some slight body variation.

  5. one long runner.. unfortunately, that "body variation" would likely be some extremely homely new front end and taillights to make it more closely match the Prius. I say give it to us as is or never mind.

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