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A brand new Mazda 3 is just days away. As it will be unveiled at the Los Angeles auto show.
Both the new hatchback and sedan versions will be there.

It is pretty much all new. With a new platform and a new 2.0 Liter engine.

While the sedan looks pretty conservative on in this picture, I notice there is no small fixed side widnow as part of the rear door. Which is actually pretty unique and provides a very clean look.
The hatchback is of course, much more modern looking. And pretty close to last year’s concept.

This should be very nice…

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  1. I hope their interiors get some tweaks to make them a more visually hospitable place to spend time than the current white on black high contrast ones. They really should also go through and optimize their colors/painting process the way they did the Soul Red. A lot of their colors are pretty dull. But I'm looking forward to the new 3. It should be ready by the time I buy my next car in 2019. Please take lots of pics at the LAIAS.

  2. The lack of a fixed window in the rear door is clearly photoshop, otherwise there is literally no way for that window to roll down.

    You'll also notice that the pillar section between the windows on the front and rear door is extremely glossy and there's no clear door cut line like there is on the lower portion of the door: another sign that it's been photoshopped/tuned vor htese pics.

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