Audi e-tron GT Concept

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I just saw this in person a couple of hours ago, and all I can tell you is that it looks very impressive in person.

A very sporty, modern looking sedan.
Not a small car, since it is the same length as the A7 hatchback.

Apparently, the range is around 250 miles. Which is just OK these days. Since much cheaper cars like the Vold or Hyundai Kona EV can do that.

A production version is coming out at the end of 2020. With first deliveries early 2021.
It shares its platform with the upcoming Porsche Taycan. And just like the Taycan, it is not a hatchback. (Which is really too bad, with such a fastback shape)

Inside, this is a lot nicer and much more modern than most current Audi interiors.

Things will be getting harder and harder for the Tesla Model S.
Not sure if they are working on a second generation or not yet. But they really need to have one ready soon.
In a couple of years, their luxury EV sedan won’t be that special anymore at all…

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  1. Good looking product.

    Is it me – or does that back seat looking REALLY small for a car of this size?

  2. This is a really beautiful car but we know that the production version won't be anything like it.

  3. It's not you about the back seat. 4 door clown car. Look about 5 foot 2 inch is the max. TESLA competition? HAHAHAHAHHA. And I have no use for TESLA.

    It is possible that the back of the seat bottom are extremely low, resulting
    in an extremely painful ride for anyone stupid enough to sit there that's not a kid. That would be one way to get you to fit. The car will come with a portable steamer to get the wrinkles out of rear seat passengers.

    Notice how narrow the door opening is on the INSIDE? There's a big a** tire right behind you. From the outside that little tiny window is almost right over the bottom of the door on the outside. How about the inside? Looks to be off 5-6 inches.

  4. This is a very good visual design. But if this is what Tesla has up against it, then Elon has nothing to worry about. This is slower, has shorter range, no dedicated charging network, a conventional dealer/service network, and a conventional interior. If it can't beat a 2012 Tesla, how will this compete in two years? I would love for EV's to become much more competitive. This thing is just a pretty dumb blonde with big boobs.

  5. Vince, how can you not have posted anything about Rivian?!?! I think both the SUV and the Pickup are amazing!

  6. I will soon! I am still going through my pictures from the Auto Show.
    The details of the SUV design are quite amazing.

  7. I like the design alot, but 1, I will not be able to afford it, and 2, if I could, I wouldn't buy it because of #Dieselgate.

    I will never buy any Volkswagon/Audi/Porsche product because of that.

  8. This is one sexy EV, but it is completely impractical. Sure like looking at the awesomely cool exterior design, though.

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