GMC Acadia Denali test drive

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 I think the Acadia is one of the best looking 3 rows SUVs out there. Sure, the top of the line Denali version is a bit chromy for my taste. But other versions are a bit lighter on the shiny stuff.

The shape is really nice. And it is a great size for such a roomy vehicle.
At slightly under 194 inches long, it is shorter than pretty much all of its competition.
Even though it shares a platform with the Chevrolet Traverse, it is 10 inches shorter.

 Interior is also pretty nice.
Much better than the Terrain. Everything feels very solid and well put together in a no-nonsense sort of way.
All the controls are pretty intuitive and are where they should be.

The Bose stereo sounds great. And the seats are some of the most comfortable I have been in.

A few things that bothered me were the wood finish in this Denali version. It tries really hard to look like these matt wood finish from Audi or Mercedes. But ends up being much less convincing.
While I applaud GMC for trying, they really should use the real stuff. At least in the Denali.

And some of the chrome finish still looks a bit plasticky. GM actually does has nicer satin finish in cars like the Chevrolet Cruze and others.

 The second-row seat is very roomy. More so than most mid-sized sedans.
Unlike the truck-based larger SUVs, they are fully adjustable too.

 And the small 3rd row seats are also fine.
With easy access.

 Of course, the huge cargo area shrinks will all the seats up.
But it is still pretty large. Especially considering this isn’t such a long crossover.
It is actually 2 inches shorter than the 5 passenger Buick Tour X wagon!

 The Acadia drives like a very nice car.
It is very easy to get in and out of. It is not as high as most SUVs. Just slightly higher than a regular sedan, which is great.

The GM 3.6 Liter V6 is smooth and quiet most of the time.
And the suspension is very comfortable.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the steering, which is very fluid and has more feel that you would expect.

 The V6 Acadia AWD is rated at 17/25MPG.
The best I got around town was 16. But I easily managed 28/29 on the freeway.

 The GMC Acadia is a great choice if you need a 3 row SUV/Crossover. It is basically more like a large
wagon than an SUV.
(Which is what I like. Since I never go off road and don’t like sitting too high)
It would make a wonderful camping companion. And a great family car.

My “almost $52 000” car is quite expensive.
Although actually in line with most of the competition.
(The Honda Pilot starts at about $2000 less than the Acadia and comes with a standard V6.
But comes up to $49 000 loaded.)

I am sure a “still loaded”non-Denali version with a few options will do just fine for much less…

The GMC Acadia is basically a great choice.

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  1. I would never buy it because of that faux wood trim. That goes for any manufacturer. That and large rear spoilers/wings are my immediate deal breakers.

  2. Geeeez, $50 K plus for a vehicle that is that ugly??? Top it off with it being unreliable in a few years (It's a GM) and you have to wonder who would actually buy one of these??

  3. Ahh that woodgrain is so retro! I luv it!

    Now if they could just get rid of the contrast stitching and piping.

  4. I drove the Denali with the V6 and 6 speed auto tranny and it was rough shifting at low speeds. I thought the Acadia was sort of narrow at 74" wide. The interior was look budget near luxury feel with the center console looking the cheapest. Was not impress at all with the overall interior – materials or design of the look.

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