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How about an HR-V with 180 hp and a 6-speed manual?
It will be available soon. In Europe. 
Where the CR-V can now be ordered with the 1.5 Liter Turbo from the Civic and CR-V.
(A CVT is an option)
The revised 2019 HR-V has just been released in the US. And no 1.5-liter turbo is available at any price.
So I guess this is not coming over here…

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  1. The HR-V is not getting this 1.5T engine as an option in the U.S. market for whatever reason. It is available in Japan and other parts of the world. Maybe later, it will make way here too!

  2. …did Europe not get the updated infotainment system with the volume knob? That interior pic still has the touch-capacitive slider…

  3. And no one would buy, and Honda would have to spend money for compliance.

    But, yeah, sure, why not?

    I've yet to see the hot Civic and it's been around for awhile.
    I was at the Honda dealer a week ago and none in the show room. In fact nothing in the show room was a stick.

    Keep beating that dead horse.

  4. I'm all for more & different colors in interiors, but not a deep pink. Maybe it's red in real life.

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