VW Tarok Concept

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This looks pretty much production ready to me.
As I don’t really see any concept bits on this thing. Except maybe all that LED stuff up front.
(VW already claims the “truck” will be on sale in Brazil next year with almost no changes. )
This is mainly for South America, where small pickups are popular. 
But I think this could really work anywhere. And especially here in the US.
I mean, there is nothing wrong with a compact, efficient pick-up with 4 doors and an expandable bed.
The concept is powered by a 1.5 Liter engine with 150HP. So very similar to the Jetta. As it uses the same platform. 
This seems ready to go. And it might become VW’s biggest US market mistake is they don’t send it over here. 
The biggest problem might still be the US tariff of 25% on all imported light trucks under that old and antiquated “Chicken Tax” from 1964.
Unless this comes from Mexico. (Since VW’s US plant seems to be at full capacity with the Atlas and Passat)

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  1. Would 15K-20K in sales be enough to justify it? That's what the Ridgeline is doing and I don't see this doing any better. Most truck buyers won't even consider something like this, especially with the new Ranger coming out.

  2. The Ridgeline is much larger and more expensive, as it starts at $30 000.
    This, being based on the same platform as the Jetta, could start in the low 20s. And would probably be much more popular than a $30 000 pick up.

  3. This is handy for hauling trees and other tall items that wouldn't fit into an enclosed SUV. It indeed seems smaller than the Ridgeline and the old Explorer Sport Trac.

    Speaking of the new Ranger… I hope Vince gets one soon to review!

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