Where Malibu’s fancy cars end up during the fire…

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Looks like quite a bit of these fancy, expensive cars ended up on the parking lot of Duke’s on PCH.
Duke’s is not technically open during the fires, but they did let people park cars on their lots, away from their burning homes.
(People were also bringing their horses there)
I guess at least the ones pictured here will be saved…
(Photos by my friend Greg)

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  1. When they pass the plate at work asking for donations for the "poor" victims of the Malibu fires … I will (dis)respectfully decline.

  2. They'd better put up the top before it gets hosed.

    Sometimes I like the 1960 Eldorado better, but I wouldn't refuse either as a gift. It's nice that they're worth enough now for people to restore them, after decades of crushing. Thanks for the pics.

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